U Design for real people for students and teachers of design courses.

Design the living environment of tomorrow! By designing architecture, interiors or products with a wide and simple use for all ages or abilities.

Free training offer and downloads

On this website, teachers will find a registration form to apply for our free offer. You will also find lots of useful teaching materials such as a presentation (in English) on inclusive design and designing for all (in English), a poster and a video (with English subtitles).  

Who can participate?

Students who are enrolled during the 2019-2020 academic year for a design course in architecture, interior design or product development in the third or fourth year at an educational institution in Europe (EU and non-EU countries).

Students from other design courses or other study years may participate, provided that their study programme has a focus on UD during the 2019-2020 academic year.

You can participate individually or as a duo.

The competition has ended. You can no longer register or submit a project.

Offer for students

As a student, you can visit this website to learn more and get inspired about inclusive design and designing. You can search for relevant info on our toolbox. Would you like to know how someone with a disability can best use a product or environment? Or would you like to discuss your concept or design with one of our user experts? Simply ask your question here and we will make sure you can contact an user expert.  

What do we expect?

  • A design with strong Universal Design qualities.
    • The design responds to the context.
    • The design facilitates equality.
    • The design facilitates accessibility and usability.
  • User involvement in the design process.

(For more details, please refer to the competition rules.)


Are you with the nominees? Then we will exhibit your design and publish it on the competition website.

Are you one of the winners? Then you will win a multi-day study trip to Lisbon.


Get inspired by our ambassadors! They tell you how they introduced Design for all into the curriculum and why it's so important to implement Design for all throughout your carreer.

Design for All

Universal Design or Design for All is a way of designing that takes diverse types of users into account in every design. Without separate adjustments for each person who is different from the average.

The goal is a beautiful and attractive design for a result that everyone can use.

Questions and contact

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